"Worn Path" on Free Beasts CS compilation (Not Not Fun)

Death at Prospect Peak (May Tour 2006) CS (Night People)

Pre-American Lands LP (Mythos Folkways Vol. 2) split w/ Woods (Not Not Fun)

Is Night People CD reissue (Release The Bats)

The Cave of Spirits Forever CD reissue (Time-Lag)

Mythos Folkways Vol. 1 LP reissue (Woodsist)

Bored Fortress 7" split w/ Sword Heaven (Not Not Fun)

"Dust March" on Arbor CDR compilation (Arbor)

The Cave of Spirits Forever CDR (Time-Lag)

Mythos Folkways Vol. 1 CS (Fuck It Tapes)

Is Night People CS (Night People)